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Servis Cheetahs Shoes

Servis Cheetahs Shoes

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Servis Cheetahs renowned as the footwear for the Taliban fighters —

These shoes were originally used by Mujahideen fighters and are still one of the most reliable shoes known to Taliban fighters. 

The sneakers became so ubiquitous with the ongoing Insurgency during the war in Afghanistan that Coalition Forces started to associate the sneakers with enemy combatants.

This is despite the fact the Servis Cheetah proved just as equally popular with both the Afghan citizens and the Afghan Security forces, both on and off duty.

The Taliban tended to prefer the white high top Servis Cheetahs, due to it matching their flag, They are known for their reliability, durability, and comfort they can allegedly last up to a year in hard fighting insurgent work, this shoe can handle the mileage with minimal maintenance.

How could this be possible? Well, unlike pretty much every option available from N*ke, they’re not made in china, and don’t cut corners for profit. For all of us westerners that walk less than an American mile a day, they'll handle daily wear and tear with ease.

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